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with -- weekend, president obama talks about the observations made by president -- servicemen and servicewomen. there is a republican address. he talks about the impact of the health care law since its implementation. >> hello, everybody. veterans day weekend is a chance for all of us to state two simple words -- thank you. thank you to that greatest generation who fought island by island across the pacific to free millions from fascism in europe. thank you to the heroes who risked everything through the bitter cold of korea and stifling heat of vietnam. thank you to all the heroes who have served, most recently our 9/11 generation of veterans from iraq and afghanistan. now that more of them are coming home, we need to serve them as well as they serve us, and that requires more than a simple thank you, especially from those of us who have been elected to serve. i have often said that my top priority is growing the economy, creating jobs, and restoring middle-class security, and a very important part of that is making sure every veteran has every chance to share in the opportunity he or she has
: democrats have figured out that this is the way to win elections. barack obama now terry mcauliffe used it very effectively. if you look at the demographics of who elected terry mcauliffe, look at the cohort for unmarried women. i think he won that by 40%. it's ridiculous. clearly, those ads targeting ken cucinelli saying he is opposed to abortion even in cases of rape and incest, these issues when they are run over and over hit home. chris christie was not a victim of this. i just wrote a piece where i think he needs to be very careful. he gets in the face of teachers and says to do your job. imagine him doing that in davenport, iowa to a teacher and imagine that teacher big coming and that could be the start of a war on women. if chris christie has -- uses his confrontational style which is fun now, you can see very easily how they could take some teacher and make them into a cause celebre and chris christie could be a bully and not in a good way. host: these are the exit polls out of virginia. look at the female vote -- terry mcauliffe got 51% of the female vote. ken cucinelli got
's explore enacting the mandatory savings contained in president obama's own budget. president obama has outlined budget savings in the entitlement programs that were courageous, difficult, but they do not cut benefits. these proposals do not cut social security. they do not cut medicaid. no one is suggesting, as has been alluded to, suggested by some members of this conference committee that there is a proposal to slash benefits or cut benefits. all we're talking about and all the president is talking about in the mandatory proposed savings in his own budget is slowing the growth rate of these very important programs to save our nation from a fiscal and debt crisis and to save the very valuable programs. i think those are the sweet spot. tax reform to give us economic growth and savings in the growth rate of our mandatory programs. i hope we can rise to the occasion and be problem solvers for the american people. >> thank you. senator kaine. >> thank you. good to be with colleagues on this. one thing i want to do is confound the cynics who have low expectations of us. there have been ye
. -- iran's nuclear program. >> president obama discusses american energy and increase oil production in the united states. the wisconsin senator ron johnson delivered the republican address and talked about the health care law and efforts by the president and congress to extend some current health their plans. they are about 10 minutes. >> hi everybody. on thursday, i visited a steel plant in cleveland, ohio, to talk about what we are doing to rebuild our economy on a new foundation for stronger and more growth.economic after years of talk about reducing our dependence on foreign oil, we are actually poised to control our own energy future. shortly after i took office, we invested in new american technologies to reverse our andndence on foreign oil double our dependence on solar power. today, we produce more energy than ever with tens of thousands of good american jobs to show for it. we produce more natural gas than anyone and nearly everyone posses energy bill is lower because of it there it just this week, we learned for the first time in nearly two decades that the united states
like that. i wish the obama administration would see despite this to domestic,- the political things, there are many areas where we can continue to leverage our common interests. i wish it were less attenuated than it is. i'm hopeful here in the final few years a president obama's presidency that he will deploy the secretary of state, state department to leverage the holy see's voice in these fundamental principles of religious freedom, human unity, opposing autocratic governments. host: are you saying that the vatican and holy see has taken a position on what we are doing with the affordable care act? cardinals in the u.s. have taken a strong position on the affordable care act. that is probably caused -- i would assume that's part of the chill and lack of enthusiasm for engaging the holy see on the part of the administration. george bush had a huge administration for working with the holy see. this administration has been a bit more reticent. host: is there an ambassador currently? guest: there is. wasame from baltimore, involved with catholic charities for many years, knows his wa
those workers? >> absolutely. when president obama came into office he wanted to make sure we were negotiating trade agreements that were, the benefits would be broadly shared and where we recognize that we need to take care of anybody who is displaced. that is why we have insisted that the trade adjustment assistance be part of the practice. it expires in two months. it is always been linked to trade promotion authority. our hope is congress takes up trade promotion authority, that they will marry it with trade adjustment assistance so we can move this forward. let me say one more word about that -- trade promotion authority there is a lot of misinformation. it is the mechanism by which congress gives us our marching orders. they tell us what to negotiate, how to work with them during negotiations, and what the conditions will be under which they will consider an agreement to approve or disapprove it. we work closely with congress throughout every trade negotiation, hand in glove. trade promotion authority is the way that gets structured. this has been part of our overall trade ag
that is poised to take over 16% of our economy -- the health care sector. president obama said he did not know any of this stuff was going to happen. he said that he had no idea that these problems were coming. we had kathleen sebelius come and say that everything was ready to go. here is the issue -- if you outlaw the kind of insurance people actually have, they won't be able to keep those plans. they passed a law three years ago to outlaw the kinds of insurance that people have in -- and they are surprised that people don't have them? we talked about that in the 2010 elections. we talked about it in the 2012 elections. we heard all of the soaring rhetoric and all of these problems and now we see what is happening. the way i see it, there are only two explanations. either they were being dishonest or they are just incompetent. frankly, i don't know which one is the worse. i think the left -- i think they are learning a pretty valuable lesson here. i think the valuable lesson that we are learning here, unfortunately, with all the human collateral damage with the obamacare debacle is that you d
the stock market is performed under president obama's tenure compared to ronald reagan. latest in syria including efforts by the international community to locate and destroy the chemical weapons. calls --inst plus your those against -- against -- guests plus your calls. in 1963, the communists did something they had never done before. a stained and -- they stayed and fought. pagedy seized on the front and said what is going on i thought we were winning? over the course of the next few months into february, he is going to hear from white house officials in the state department and military officials. really contradictory evidence about of the military campaign. 50thvember 22 is the anniversary of president kennedy's assassination. a discussion about his recordings and bolts on vietnam. at 7:30 p.m. part of america history tv on c-span 3. >> i never expected to write an entire book until i was diagnosed relatively young. i was diagnosed at 36. i was astonished at how different i thought it was. how different it was going through treatment than what i had heard about cancer and what i exp
at their own choice, their own choice, not at president obama's choice, and then did nothing virtually to help. it's no wonder some of them aren't working, but today, we're going to have an opportunity to talk to those governors, both republicans and democrats that did step up and lead, did take what was offered to them and set up exchanges that would work for their small businesses. each state has the flexibility to decide how they want to operate their health insurance marketplaces. as you can see on this map, there are four different categories that each of the 50 states and the district of columbia fit into. some states have federally facilitated exchanges, which means they are leaving it to the federal government, unfortunately, that would be mine. i wish i had been given that choice, but that was one mistake in the bill, leaving it up to governors, maybe not a mistake, but in some cases it was, it seems. other states are operating partnership exchanges where the federal government operates the marketplace in conjunction with the state. some states chose to do a partnership with the feder
also intending to vote for barack obama. my numbers consistent last year have shown that more than one out of every 10 voters in the state shows up on the list for me in support and also for barack obama. politically, that makes no sense whatsoever. ideologically, right, except that our bases, are both of our parties, partisan opposition, of the opposing party, but the people in the middle, for those folks that are the persuadable, whatever-you-want-to-call-them voters, ironically, if a significant number of them supported me and the president, they felt they were for something. it may not be consistent ideologically, but it was something where they said but their opponents did not fill the void, they made the election about i'm not scott walker, i hate scott walker, in some ways the republican nominee was the same. in the case of the center, what they wanted was candidates that ran their way on issues, he wanted people who wanted to lead. >> thanks for being here, governor. so you and other governors who have conservative views of lawmakers in washington, like bobby jindal, who say th
, the presidente sector. obama says he didn't know any of this stuff was going to happen. he said he had no idea these problem's were in the offering. we had kathleen sibelius come and say everything was ready to go. here is the issue. if you outlaw the kind of insurance people actually have, they won't be able to keep those plans. they passed a law three years ago to outlaw the kinds of insurance people had. look, we talked about this in the 2010 elections and the 2012 elections. we knew all this was happening at the time. we had all of the soaring rhetoric and promises. the way i see it, there are only two explanations. either they were being dishonest or they are incompetent. frankly i'm a i don't know which one is worse. think they are learning a pretty valuable lesson. i think the valuable lesson we are learning here, unfortunately with all of this obamacare spectacle is that you don't shut out the opposition, you don't you a bad bill into law, don't say one thing when you know it's another. when it all blows up in your face, i'm sorry is just not going to cut it. that is the lesson i think
for congress to hold the obama administration's feet to the fire on iran. tennessee representative steve cohen says-- steve it will be good for israel, peace, and america. senator chuck schumer released a statement talking about his disappointment with the deal. then a statement from eric cantor. this morning on cnn, secretary of state john kerry looked ahead at what is next in negotiations with iran. i do not think it is problem until we solve the nuclear problem. the only down the road is over the course of the next six months while we work to solve the nuclear program. solved, hopefully establish a basis for proceeding forward on other things. but right now, we have made it very clear the international community requires a resolution of the united nations resolutions that have been passed. the questions the international atomic agency has, all of these things need to be answered. we are trying to set up a process by which we can verify, know what we are doing, restrain the program while we negotiate the comprehensive deal. , we will take a look at the united states nuclear weapons arsenal a
's monday -- >> monday as president -- is veterans day. president obama and first lady will hold a ceremony. the president is excited to deliver in -- deliver remarks. watch for full coverage beginning at 11 a.m. eastern time on c-span. congress will not be in on monday in recognition of the veterans day holiday. but will return to work on tuesday. to aoke -- we spoke capitol hill reporter about what is ahead on the agenda. >> humberto sanchez is a staff writer for rollcall. tuesday fromack on the veterans day break. what is the status of their talks and the issue they are working on? to try to finde common ground on the goal of the talks. expect a lot of positioning on opening positions, on where the negotiations will begin. actuallyatty murray has a speech about what her goals are on the floor, and last tuesday is saying that she is looking for a budget deal for the short-term, basically. the sequester.k propose newg to taxes to do so. some republicans think that is just another way of reading taxes. holding confirmation hearings for two of the administration's nominees, jeh johnson for h
. and honored by the trust confidence that president obama has placed in may by nominating me to be secretary of homeland security. i appreciate the letters of support addressed to this committee from the law- enforcement organizations, retired senior military officers, former officials of both the bush and obama administrations. i respectfully submit that i am ready, willing, and able to lead the department of homeland security. i have experience in law enforcement. meant --ral laws force as a federal law enforcement officer in new york, i have local lawh state and enforcement agencies. i have experience as a key member of the management team of the large and complex government agency. for 27 months, i was part of the senior management team of the department of the air force. for four years i was part of the senior management team of the department of defense. during that time i sat at the right hand off, learn from, and supported to outstanding americans as secretary of defense, robert gates and leon panetta. at the same time, as the senior lawyer, i lead a legal community of over 10,000 ci
will cost? over the next 10 years, obama care will cost $2.4 trillion. there will be $1 trillion of tax revenue associated with the plan. where does the rest come from? question, inirst our initial analysis of the affordable care act, it showed somein our judgment, people would not have employer- sponsored insurance who would have had it in the absence of the act. we discussed at some length with congress at the time our view that people who were buying insurance not to their employer but on their own would face, on average, increases on the premiums they pay for health insurance primarily because the policies they would have to buy under the affordable care act would cover a larger share of healthcare services. there health care -- their health care would go down, but their premiums would go up. we have done a lengthy analysis of how the cost of the expansion under the affordable care act would very depending on byferent sorts of responses employers and employees. we gave a great deal of thought to our analysis of those responses and our basic estimates of the affordable care act. we d
. and after eight miserable years of george w. bush, we needed barack obama. [applause] no president -- no president since fdr, no president since fdr inherited a worse economy, bigger job losses, as large a deficit as president obama did. but thanks to his leadership and to each of you, america is now moving forward again. but let's look at the alternative here we see on the other side of the aisle. the current crop of tea party republicans, funded by wealthy economic royalists, people who have a very small view of america. we've seen this story before, right? who recalls supply-side economics? reagan called it trickle-down economics. george w. bush called it "focusing on my base." [laughter] and we call it selling america short. [applause] i don't know about you, but i have had enough of tea party republicans like ted cruz. haven't you? [applause] those guys are too much. twisting the words of our founders to justify their own mean-spirited, shortsighted, pro-shutdown ideology. what senator cruz does not understand is that the patriots who founded new hampshire, the patriots who fo
." on wednesday, president obama awarded the presidential medal of freedom to 16 people in a white house ceremony. recipients included former president bill clinton, opera from free, and sally ride -- winfrey, and sally ride. >> when president climate he -- kennedy was shot in 1963, within one minute, several dallas police officers ran up the grassy knoll because many people were pointing to it as the source of the gunfire. the first officer up there had his gun drawn because he suspected to find an armed gunman. and said he'd encountered a man who was asked to he was and he presented secret service credentials. he was familiar with the secret service credentials. they were all in dallas for one reason or the other. two other officers have the same thing. it was more than one with secret service credentials up on the grassy knoll. there was one problem -- the secret service and the warren commission have identified the location of every single secret service officer at that time. laza.e was in dealey p they went to parkland hospital the president and the vice president and soon to be president jo
by president obama. -- mr. chairman, we need to provide the appropriations committee with certainty so they can craft bills so they have the possibility of becoming law. we must find ways to deal with our growing debt. there is much work ahead to solve our current fiscal crisis. i am hopeful we can find some smon common sense reform for the future of our children and grandchildren. in fact, we have cut discretionary spending in each of the last three years. a feat not accomplished since he 1940's. it is time for the ways and means and finance committee to do the same. mandatory spending programs comprise three quarters of all federal expenditures. at the same time, i find it quite hard to believe that everyone of these expenditures is necessary and could not be limited in some manner. i have been quoted as saying that revenue should be on the table in the course of the committee. i believe that it should. but not in some of the way that my friends from the other side should suggest. there are a number of pro-growth policies that could grow our economy. expanded oil and gas operations, and the l
and president obama called israeli prime minister to allay israel's fears. he updated the -- mr. netanyahu said he rejected the deal that is being worked on in geneva and his country would not be obliged to abide by reported -- to abide by it. talks will probably end today without a deal. we're going to take a look at some tweets from members of congress on the typhoon in the lapine. the chair of the house of the foreign affairs committee says my thoughts are with the people of the philippines in the wake yan.eadly super typhoon hai employment and nondiscrimination act, between illinois legalizing same-sex marriage and the senate passing a good week for equality in america. congress will be back on tuesday. you can watch the house live on c-span and the senate live on c- span two. senator chuck grassley is our guest and we'll talk about the farm bill, nsa surveillance for a rams. he is a member of the budget --ference committee that has here's some of the interview. >> i don't believe it will be easy for us to make an agreement and thethe republicans democrats because the democrats want to incr
that invitation from president obama? >> i have explained this before. kathy and i thought about it a lot. i like president obama. he was a friend in the senate, not a close friend but somebody i dealt with. when he was elected president, like all americans, i thought it was a great statement. i wanted to try to be helpful. when he asked me if i would be willing to serve in his cabinet, i was caught up in the moment and was very appreciative. kathy and i talked about it and i should have realized this immediately but i didn't. my philosophy on fiscal policy was a long way from the president's philosophy. the number one job of a member of the cabinet is to be 100% with the president. it would have been very difficult for me to do that and maintain my values on fiscal policy. i should have recognized it earlier and i didn't. i have always regretted that. i will say this, he was extraordinarily gracious in the way he handled it. i have always appreciated that fact. rahm emanuel was also gracious. he was the chief of staff at the time. i was very appreciative of that. >> how do you see the difference
that it makes sense of. the obama campaign in 2007 have the notion that there is this weird allegation abroad that he is secretly a muslim. this is an insane thing if he talks about it he will elevate it. this is the traditional political strategy. don't engage crazy stuff that gets more people to hear it. at some point, they just realized through e-mail forwards, and facebook, everybody had heard this thing. and denyto engage it it frontally. that is a change in the way information travels. >> i'm curious about the role of traditional media in doing that. you talk about how large organizations will tweet something right away and now days they have to bet that. is this a new job? reflectsk there are his around standards. particularly tv networks. you do not touch something and yes -- unless you confirmed it yourself. why go spreading questionable information to them when you should assume that your viewers probably have seen it on facebook. it makes sense to engage it. i do not think there is a silver bullet or anything. over here. regardingtion is traffic. i understand that a lot of departme
for president obama. he just won a year ago, and everybody is like, "who's next?" as we shoved him out the door we minimize his ability to be an effective executive. we shouldn't do that. i am not rushing. i have work to do. i just got reelected governor. i have an agenda i want to pursue in the next two years. i will make that decision when i have to. i was direct with the people of my state. people confronted me, my opponent frequently in debates, are you going to serve a full term? i don't know. if i decide to run for president and win, i won't. if i don't, i won't. i don't have to make that decision now. people who run companies know this. when you make decisions before it is the right time to make them, you increase geometrically the chance to screw that decision up. not something i want to screw up. >> you speak very directly, unusually for a politician. >> thank you. >> you have spoken very directly about some republicans. you hinted at it tonight. there are people in the republican party who think you have been to direct and two critical of republicans, and it does not play well. they a
eastern. president obama's plans for immigration, live from san francisco, at 2:35 eastern. i thought it was fun to have a little view of history of a time in america that wasn't in structural, first and foremost, that was a little bit more a little bit more archaeological, meaning random. you take a look at them and see bunches of weird photos, and then the captions explain them. i had a vision of high school students flipping through them and loving history if they flipped through it. networks had josh sa "q&a." picture on c-span >> during the president's , heoric trip to china noticed how mrs. nexen was wasing at the -- ms. nixon looking at the package of cigarettes. said, i understand you also admired the pandas at the zoo. she said yes. he said, we will make sure that you have pandas to go home with. just her being there would bring so much goodwill. the news reports would come out. they would talk about the president, but they would always say what a wonderful job that panics and did. >> -- pat nixon did. night live at from boston is john king stale former execut
saying to hank good public policy. 0 went out.t 35 obama said, ok. ist people should look at the extent to which this affected by the fact that some the most important decisions taken by the government was taken during a transition. people,sked the obama the response was i got back, we only have one president at a time. i was a little frustrated. thought it was overstated the number president we had at the time. [laughter] here is the deal. mortgage.h done a the people thought it was popular is wrong. those are strong conservative argument. i pay my mortgage, why are you taking money. there were some people who bought a house. and it went up and property. and they took out a home equity loan and bought a boat. in the end, that was not much more could've make it more popular. fundamentally, there's a belief of fairness. you take a risk and you bear the consequences. we had to violate that in order to save the economy. you violated the core beliefs and it leads to great anger. whether congress today would be to act, the fact that congress is so polarized is a result of the actions we had
] >> president obama awarded the medal of freedom. recipients included bill clinton, oprah winfrey, and sally ride. that ceremony sunday at 10:35 eastern on c-span. highlights, including lyndon .ohnson's address to congress at 2:00, your questions for robert care row -- robert caro. and coverage of the state funeral. jfk, this weekend on c-span three. the founder of ms. magazine, gloria steinem, spoke at the national press club on monday. she stressed the importance of women voting. this is one hour. >> it's not often that one person can define an era. gloria steinem is the face of the feminist movement and was dubbed "the leading icon of american feminism" by joelle attinger in "time" magazine. she solidified her feminist legacy by co-founding "ms. magazine" in 1972. more than 40 years later, she is still a consulting editor to the magazine now published by the feminist majority foundation. ms. steinem celebrated the magazine's 40th anniversary right here at the national press club last year. she said then it was the right place to do it since she was also the first woman to appear as a nat
at president obama's approval numbers. then the washington examiner senior political analyst michael barone talks about his book "shaping our nation. " he compares the health exchanges with those he created in massachusetts in 2006. atshington journal" is live 7 a.m. eastern. >> this week on newsmakers, texas representative mac thornberry is leading an effort -- he talked about u.s. forces in afghanistan, military militaryand information gathering practices. here's part of the interview. >> a key part of what the u.s. intelligence community does is cooperate with intelligence agencies of its allies. -- with what wikileaks is brought out, will any of those allies ever again the unitedith states? >> i don't know. if i were they, i would have to wonder about it. it is deeply disturbing. as i was just saying, we have very limited resources. a key fact or in our success has been working with others and cooperating and coordinating our efforts. if folks think that anything they said to us is going to be leaked out in some way, they're going to cooperate less. who would blame them? i would say tha
to be will to get at. >> i think the real question is, now that you have the obama there, the response i would say is why weren't we monitoring quality assurance on our contractors to begin with and what have we done since then to monitor quality assurance on the contractors that are out there today? >> that is a fair question. with respect to what we were doing before, have been told that we were hot on the heels of this because we were starting to notice that the quality reveals -- all the reviews were being too much by one person or to quickly so we had already made inquiries. but obviously, we did not catch it quickly enough because it occurred. what we've done since then is we have focused more, as i have said, on those reports to enable us to find anomalies when they the problem isn occurring more quickly. and we have beefed up the federal staff working on those matters. there have time, been many significant changes in the way that they opt rate. -- the way they operate. with respect to your question of not being able to talk about it, in some ways commit was very frustrating to us as well.
clearly [applause] ♪ ♪ >> heather, members of the family and president clinton and obama and all my former colleagues and friends of tom, my good foreign -- fortune to visit a few days before tom died. i'm so grateful heather for making that visit possible. we thought it was going to be just a visit of a couple of minutes and it ended up we were speaking for an hour about the days gone by. not unlike so many others we had a relationship of over 40 years. we both were able to say our peace in an atmosphere of mutual respect, open mindedness and most of all trust. as i said in an article in the post the other day whrks tom became speaker, he suggested that we get together once a week and talk over the affairs of the house, one week in my office and the next in his. something that had never been done before. while we disagreed over policy and jousted with each politically, the meetings were highly productive because underlying them was the faith and trust we had in each other. we could talk about anything knowing that our discussions would remain private unless we decided otherwise. i don't t
resolution 383, expressing the house's sincerest condolences. >> thank you, president obama, [no audio] >> thank you, president obama, and president clinton. i so appreciate your coming to honor and celebrate tom's his life. thank you, norman dicks, and jim mcdermott. let me acknowledge congressman lewis and former congressman and republican leader bob michael, who both have always been great friends to tom and me. of course, i think senator harry reid and senator mitch mcconnell. for traveling a long way from the senate to the house. [laughter] to remember my husband. also, i want to thank the celestial on joy from japan. anderson, plus, the diplomatic delegations, for coming. ioa special debt of gratitude to speaker banner for making this memorial service possible. without his caring and competent staff, this event would not have happened. when my husband was speaker, we had about one person who handled this kind of work. the speaker has been most gracious and helpful and i applaud him for that. i want to say a few words about my husband. as you probably know, i work for him for year
happened at where 20summit leaders, including president obama, reached a consensus that it was time to stop creating .orporations with hidden owners and president obama has issued a national action plan which calls for federal legislation such as we introduced to require states to include in the incorporation forms a question asking for the names of the real owners of corporations being formed. do you support that bill? the the fbi want to know real owners of corporations? is there a law enforcement purpose? all kinds of letters, law enforcement groups, federal law enforcement officers associations, federal that's fraternal order of police, and on and on, saying it is critically important you know the beneficial owners of corporations because otherwise suspected terrorists, drug trafficking organizations, and other criminal enterprises continued to exploit the through the filing process. that is quoting a letter from the federal law enforcement officers association. you support as director of the fbi our passing a bill that would require states to ask one incorporatione forms -- who are the
the bush and obama administrations. congressional oversight has also fallen short. and the balance between civil liberties and national security we felt we struck has been tainted. senate judiciary chairman patrick leahy who spoke at the first of the sessions and i introduced the usa freedom act to rein in abuse and put an end to spying on innocent americans while maintaining the necessary tools to ensure our security. the patriot act had 17 provisions. i insisted that all 17 be sunset so that they would expire automatically if they weren't reauthorized. congress later determined that 14 of those provisions were noncontroversial, and they are now permanent law. the remaining provisions sunset in 2015 and will expire if they are not reauthorized. one of those provisions is section 215, the so-called business records provision. section 215 allows the government to apply to the fisa court, or fisc, for an order to obtain tangible things if they are relevant to an authorized investigation into international terrorism. the administration has used this provision to justify the bulk collection of
by political reasons, by the obama administration. somebody in cms, and if it was not you, maybe ms. tavenner, somebody was making these changes and saying let's make changes and do not test because we want to roll this thing no matter what. >> having written software or test cases, from the business side, or the policy side, they are subject to changes based on how your customer -=- >> the law did not change. the law was passed. for three years, nothing was changed. the law was there. you know what those requirements were. you make changes in your requirements, you automate changes in your plan. >> the law is a high level attrition of requirements they could not develop code or test cases from. there needs to be a translation into lower-level details, and that is what i mean by schedule of challenges, that we have to receive those requirements and translate them into test cases, test data, to exercise the system as well as build the system, too. >> they talk in the report that the contractor received absolutely conflicting direction between the various entities within cms, conflicting direct
. >> monday is veterans day and president obama and the first lady are scheduled to hold a breakfast. they will attend the wreath laying ceremony at arlington cemetery. watch for live coverage beginning at 11 a.m. eastern time, on c-span. >> the place is now called the mercedes-benz superdome in new orleans, where the bcs title game was two years ago. at publicrely expense. when hosted the football game this was a national feel-good story, and rightfully so but the public paid for all of the repairs and the public has invested about $1 billion in the construction. the mercedes-benz superdome. the new orleans saints keep most of the revenue generated there. don'teople in the public understand this is taking place and the second reason is that they feel there is nothing they can do about this, this is based on the insider deals. the most recent time that there was a vote, in miami last year there was a vote about using public money for the miami dolphins play, and the citizens voted against this. >> more with sports author gregg easterbrook, sunday night at eight, on c-span. next, "the
obama signed the treaty, a landmark document that commits countries around the world to affirm what are essentially core american values of equality, justice, and dignity. u.s. ratification of the crpd will increase the ability of the united states to improve physical, technological, and communication access in other countries, thereby helping to ensure that americans, particularly many thousands of disabled american veterans, have equal opportunities to live, work, and travel abroad. in addition, the treaty comes at no net cost to the united states. in fact, it will create a new global market for accessibility of goods, and active u.s. presence in implementation of global disability rights will promote the market for devices such as wheelchairs, smartphones, and other new technologies engineered, made, and sold by the united states corporations. with the traditional reservations, understandings, and declarations that the senate has adopted in the past, current u.s. law satisfies the requirements of the crpd. as george h. w. bush informed this committee last year, the treaty would n
for obama, and the senates rule change. and political analyst michael talks about the book shaping our nation and the immigration debate. former kingsdale, the executive director of the commonwealth health insurance connector authority. compares the affordable care act's health exchanges with what massachusetts in 2006. wa journal is live at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. >> tomorrow, american history tv continues the look at the of jfk and its aftermath, with highlights lyndon johnson's november 27 address to congress. questions for lbj iographer, flowed by presidential historian, timothy napthalie. and at 6:00, coverage of the funeral. jfk on c-span 3. now on the health insurance update. the health and technology experts. this is an hour and 45 minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> we are going to find a seat and allow us to get started. we will try to do it >> try to find a seat and allow us to get started. we'll try to do it on time. >> good afternoon. my name is ed howard with the alliance for health reform. on behalf of senator bond and senator rockefeller, we want to welcome you to this
journal is live every day at 7:00 a.m. here on c-span. in observance of veterans day, president obama and the first lady will visit the arlington national cemetery. expecteddent is also to deliver remarks. you can watch the ceremony live at 11:00 a.m. eastern, here on c-span. i have spending a lot of time dealing with the fcc. important that the agency make decisions and make decisions in a timely fashion. there is nothing worse for investment, innovation, job creation, all of the things that thanfrom investment businesses not knowing what the rules are. >> chairman wheeler is right. with a slow-moving agency like this, that deliberates for end, it even years o creates uncertainty. businesses need certainty to invest. ,f there is one thing we need we need investment. gustin on the challenges ahead for tom wheeler. >> mrs. kennedy is known as a style icon. admiration of her fashion sense. put a lot of she thought into her wardrobe when she was representing the country. she would think about what colors would mean something to the country she was about to visit. visits to canada, she ch
yesterday with president obama, with speakers and panelists and all the networking and matchmaking opportunities that were not. today, promises to be even better. let's get started. i am very pleased to announce the start of our first panel entitled, "why select the usa -- using the usa as the next core platform. >> we have a great lineup including my friend u.s. trade representative kirk a froman. house form of tennessee, lewd week village, the ceo of bmw north america and dug over helmand, the ceo of caterpillar. i'm going to let the moderator go into a little more detail about each of our panelists. let me introduce who will moderate today's panel. erwin is a washington columnist and the economics editor of a widely read blog in the post. gethe walk block, you can the post news on policy and analysis. an author who is cover the federal reserve and led the post coverage during the financial crisis. lazy gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to our moderator, neil erwin. [applause] >> takes a much. we heard from the secretary, we have been through an era in which trade deals were
. as the old saying goes, trust but verify. the key.ion is president obama and i have said from the beginning that we will not just trust and verify, we will verify and verify. we have to know to a certainty ,o that israel and gulf states know when can be deceived by what is taking place. >> the chair of the house intelligence committee had his own reaction to the iran deal. >> we have just rewarded very bad and dangerous behavior. does.about what this it says that you can continue to enrich and they have made no changes, no changes in the development of their nuclear weapon program. i can tell you that with a high degree of certainty. here is the leading nation state of terror who try to commit a political assassination right here in washington, d.c., they believe it contributed to the deaths of hundreds of u.s. soldiers in iraq and afghanistan who continue to be the main driver between the incredible brutality happening in syria, very active around the world, with other assassination attempts, what have we done? we have given them just enough breathing room that brought them to the table. o
will be live from california for remarks from president obama. he will talk about immigration policy with live coverage scheduled to begin at 2:35 eastern. >> years ago, i don't think anyone would look at a crystal ball and thought someone on a college campus would be streaming netflix onto an iphone to watch a movie. i think this is what is happening -- we have this huge -- i that the technology remember in northwest ohio, depending on the day, if the antenna on the house was working hannels.ou have two c some days you have any channels. so industry has changed rapidly that i want to make sure we have things out there that spur this innovation because if we've createden, about 3.8 million jobs. >> technology issues in front of the current congress. tonight on the communicators. during the president's , theyt trip to china noticed how mrs. nixon was looking at a package of cigarettes. the package, she was admiring that. understand you admire the pandas at the zoo. she said yes, aren't they darling. he said we will make sure that you have pandas to go home with. important for her to support her
of bright colors and bold patterns. mamiet amy eisenhower -- eisenhower. >> president obama spoke at a memorial service for four more -- former house speaker tom foley. you can see that service tonight at 8:30 5 p.m. eastern on c- span. 8:35 p.m. eastern. homelanday, the senate security committee held another hearing on the shooting at the washington navy yard that left 13 dead. lawmakers questioned officials from the defense department. concerning background checks for people with security clearance. this is two hours and 20 minutes. >> good morning. here we will come to order. welcome, one and all. on monday, september 16, a horrible tragedy unfolded the navy yard in washington, d.c. a very troubled individual took 12 lights in a senseless act of violence. the circumstances led to these tragedies are multidimensional. the issues raised by this tragedy such as the adequacy of our gun laws and the quality of mental health care are outside the purview of this committee. but as we have learned more about aaron alexis, a member of my colleagues and i have been asking each other why s
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